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Bonga Cams Review

BongaCams Review – Is Bonga Cams Safe or a Scam?

This Bonga Cams review delves into the ins and outs of this famous camming service. Before you sign up, read on to learn everything you need to know! Review

Various queries about have been asked all over the internet, some of which concern the website’s validity and the value for money it provides. Look no farther than our most recent review of this popular camming website if you’re looking for answers, as we were.

BongaCams is a free-to-join live sex camera service with a wealth of amateur and professional cam models ranging across all desirable characteristics and genders you might want while looking to bust your nut online. The site boasts a veritable all-you-can-eat buffet of popular models eager to show you all of the nasty skills they picked up when they should have been in school.

That’s not all! Bonga Cams is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and includes models of various ethnicities, so whatever you’re doing and wherever you are, you’ll always find models online waiting to delight you! Bonga Cams is completely free to join, with no sign-up or commitment required, making it ideal for those who are content with teasing their girl with just their tip.

How To Get Started on BongaCams is very easy to sign up to, offering a range of methods and subscription options for new users, along with a treasure-trove of deals and offers, which would make even a pirate jealous. Upon entering the site, you’ll be prompted to enter your details to sign up via a free account. This is just to cut corners and help with the process of signing up, however, you only need to close the pop up to view the website and the entirety of its features. All for free! The registration process is very quick and simple, much less intimidating and tedious than some of the other camming websites. Only asking that you provide the most basic information, such as your email address, username and a preferred nickname.

The sign-up process takes no longer than a few minutes, and just by signing up with a free account, you’re gifted with 10 FREE tokens…HEY Big Spender! So, within a few minutes, you could be camming with one of their gorgeous models. Get Started On BongaCams

Is BongaCams Safe to Use?

To answer this directly, yes! BongaCams is cleaner than a virgin, no need for a condom with this site. BongaCams is safe to use and is a legit free live sex camera website, where not only models’ information and discretion is valued, but the users’ too. People have many worries when it comes to making online purchases, especially on adult sites such as this. Being asked to provide your personal information along with billing info, may seem daunting. However, this website prevents unauthorised access to all the information that you provide.

Bonga protects your details like you protect your teenage daughter going on a date for the very first time! They use high-level encryption, making it hard for anyone to access any part of your account or info. If you aren’t sure, then maybe the fact that hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world sign up each year, will ease your worries and help you put your trust in this top-rated website! Rest easy in the knowledge that all your credit card details are safe and secure.

The only complaint is the amount of pop ups, it has more pop ups than my computer when I was a teenage boy after discovering porn for the first time. Don’t worry though these are not spyware or viruses, they are typically offers that periodically pop up for free members, by becoming a premium member you will remove these completely.

Features of Bonga Cams

Despite having multiple sign up methods, you do not have to purchase the most expensive options to benefit from the majority of brilliant features this website has to offer. Even the free basic member account gives you access to the vast array of categories to choose from, ranging from; hot horny women of all ages, oiled up gay guys who will leave you feeling “small”, transgender “it’s a trap” beauties and much more!

All you have to do is browse the main page to realise you are a kid in a candy store, the options are endless! Most of the cam models will let you pay tokens to activate their Lovense vibrators while they go about their daily business, so you can watch them squirm and moan with pleasure that you are providing her with a flick of your finger! So, it’s easy to say this website offers a closer-than-ever intimate experience with your favourite models, that you don’t want to miss out on!

Whatever takes your fancy, or whatever kinks and fetishes you have, you’ll be glad to know they won’t be just a fantasy for long. You’ll find plenty of slutty models prepared to go above and beyond to transform your fantasy into reality! It seems that they love getting filthy for you and interacting with you throughout their live shows and streams. knows you don’t want to be searching for models for longer than you need to, so it provides a simple grid displaying all of the naughtiest cam girls, with the most popular cam models already listed on the homepage! This makes life easier for you by collating all of the best content in one place. Besides, the homepage not only features the amazing models but the means to refine your searches and discover the hidden gems you may not see on the main page. By categorising the types of models and type of content, it’s just like ordering from your favourite restaurant menu.

The main categories including sections for; men, women, transgender, couples, new models and spy mode. There’s also a navigation tool to see as many or as few models at a time as you’d like, so you won’t have to get the magnifying glass out to see what each one looks like, they are all well-presented previews of each model’s cam in a thumbnail, which if hovered over with your cursor, will automatically play a clip from their streams.

Most models will offer a private show to either a very small amounts of viewers or one viewer at a time, meaning you can dirty talk and encourage your preferred model to do whatever you ask her to. This feature, however, means they will not earn money from other users and will ask for an increased number of tokens for a certain period of camming. Prices will vary from model to model.

Bonga Cams Prices

Cost When Using a Credit Card

Number of TokensTotal CostEffective Cost Per Token
1384$74.99$0.0542 Best Value

Cost When Using Paypal

Number of TokensTotal CostEffective Cost Per Token
1256$74.99$0.0597 Best Value

Buy BongaCams’ Tokens

Is legit or a Scam?

Are you concerned about being a victim of deceptive scams? Don’t worry, BongaCams provides a secure network for users and distinct models, all of whom must go through a verification process that includes their passports, personal information, and any other information necessary to prosecute them if they violate the website’s guidelines. There are pop-ups and adverts, just like on other websites, but they are purely aesthetic and do not entice you to leave the site and follow a trail of deception that could be a scam. This is a well-designed website with a variety of useful and engaging tools, and the professional image it projects to its visitors only adds to the hundreds of thousands of present users’ trust in it.

Summary of BongaCams

For those new to sex cam websites, or those looking for that perfect site; Bonga Cams provides an excellent service to its users with little-to-no hassle! Whether you’re shy or outgoing it ensures your complete discretion at your request, meaning nobody will have any information about you unless you choose to provide it.

Its vast array of models can guarantee you a happy ending! With all sorts of shows and methods to get yourself off, this website will give you the closest and most personally intimate experience you can have with the wide variety of beautiful and sexy models. Amass your collection of hot horny models that suit your every desire! Keep them all in one place for your next visit so you don’t have to scroll through a large number just to find the one you want.

If our review helped you find what you’re looking for and you enjoyed this in-depth perspective, be sure to look through our other reviews for similar websites. Visit

Adult LIVE Cams Review

What Is BimBim?


Live Jasmin and Live Sex Asian are two of the most popular live cam services created by AW Empire (reviews). And now they’ve taken another step to ensure that their subscribers receive only the greatest stuff. Their newest site, BimBim, not only boasts one of the most attractive designs I’ve seen, but it also features some of the most attractive models, or content creators, as they call them.

They’ve been offering live cam sex for for two decades, and they’ve now taken it to a whole new level. This isn’t just another cam site; it’s something new and exciting that allows you to engage with the girls in a variety of ways.

It’s more like a social media platform, where you can interact with the girls by watching their stories, make live video calls, send gifts, etc. So this makes it one of the best sex cam on mobile experience.

Right now you get 10,000 FREE Coins when you signup, so you have no reason no to try this awesome new platform.

If you are eager to see what they have created with this site I recommend to head straight over to BimBim and check out for yourself.


When you arrive at the Bim Bim home page, you will notice a few things. The first is most likely the girls you see; they are all lovely. I’m not sure about BimBim’s hiring process, but these aren’t your typical camgirls.

The next thing is the design. You can notice that they have really put in the time here to create a new fresh look and not just a copy of any other cam sites.

They appear to be more concerned with quality than with exhibiting hundreds of models online. The females are featured in the storyline at the top of the page and have a prominent profile photo. To watch her tale or video call, simply click on any profile photo (first you need to signup for the free account).

Review of the social media platform style sex cam site - BimBim

When creating BimBim they have taken into account that a large number of members today want to interact by using their smartphones. So the platform works great on both your desktop as well as your smartphone.

So What Is BimBim

This is not your traditional cam site. BimBim is more of a social platform where you can interact and watch content created by the site’s models (creators). It’s the best option for sex cam on mobile, with a design and functions that make it feel like you are on Instagram.

I really love this site and I signup and took advantage of the free 10,000 coins offer for new members. But, I can tell I have already top-up my account with more credits.

Below I will show you how it works:

Bim Bim Review by

For this BimBim review, I clicked on the model Lauren Colins and that took me to her storyline. Which you can unlock for free once you have become a member.

Lauren Colins at BimBim: Cam Review by

Now you can watch her stories just like you would watch a story on Instagram or Facebook. But the main difference I noticed here is that the stories are often much naughtier on BimBim.

Watch Sex Cam on Mobile at Bim Bim - Review by

From here you have a few options. You can send her a message for free, send a reaction emoji, send a gift, make a voice or a video call (pay per minute). Clicking on the voice or video call symbol will show you the minute rate before making the call. Then click on call me to start your sex cam on mobile experience.

As you see this is not just a regular cam site. And the feeling is different here, it feels more personal and it gives a feeling of a more real connection with the content creators. The 10,000 free BimBim coins will give you about 10 min free interaction with a girl, so what are you waiting for!


The 10,000 free coins are great but they will only last you about 10 min with a girl, so here are your options for buying more coins:

  • 1700 coins – $9.99
  • 3700 coins – $19.99 (+300 bonus coins)
  • 12,700 coins – $59.99 (+2500 bonus coins)
  • 22,700 coins – $99.99 (+5700 bonus coins)
  • 47,000 coins – $199.99 (+13,000 bonus coins)
  • 107,000 coins – $399.99 (+39,000 bonus coins)
  • 227,000 coins – $799.99 (91,000 bonus coins)

Coins can be bought by using credit cards, PayPal. Skrill, Bitcoin, or Bank Wire.


I’ve examined hundreds of cam sites, and it’s rare that something new and exciting appears on the sex cam scene. The majority of cam sites are essentially the same, with no innovation. As a result, I admire BimBim for trying something different.

In today’s world, where everyone is used to interacting via social media platforms, I believe BimBim is being released at the correct time. It combines a mobile sex cam with a social networking platform, with the added benefit of being able to make a video call and experience live video call sex.

I really recommend you to take advantage of the 10,000 FREE coins and try a live video call at BimBim.

Adult LIVE Cams Review

Chaturbate Review The Biggest and Best Free Live Cam Site?

Chaturbate Review 2019

It should come as no surprise that the adult webcam platform Chaturbate is not for all ages, given their slogan: “the act of masturbating while chatting online.” It is uncensored and offers one of the most raw experiences for those willing to observe and explore fetishes, in addition to exhibiting highly graphic content. The WORLD’S HOTTEST Sex Cam Site Is Just Awaiting You Visit

This website encourages a lot of openness and willingness to see and experience new niches. You may also discover some new and more intense interests that you did not know you liked.

Chaturbate operates as a two-fold process: you can either be a performer and talk, engage with and perform for fans, or be a voyeuristic member who browses the site as you please and tips your favorite talent at your own pace.

The choice is truly yours to experiment with. There’s no need for you to only stay as an observer or as a voyeur. If you wish to take part in his website as an avid and enthusiastic performer, you can go right ahead. 

Chaturbate has members online at all times of the day and has users from all over the world. They’re in the top five in terms of active users in mature cam groups, and they focus on fantasies and fulfilling sexual desires. They have been able to draw a diverse range of audiences due to their commitment to a variety of performance styles and intensities.

Who Is Chaturbate Designed For?

Chaturbate’s clientele is diverse, ranging from legal youngsters and millenials to individuals in their fifties and sixties. Despite the fact that it is mostly composed of people in their 30s, it caters to a wide range of interests, regardless of the date on your birth certificate. Because of the type of platform this website is built on, attracting new users from all walks of life is quite easy. Literally anyone can find something that they’re interested in and they are able to find it at any time of the day. Plus one of the biggest reasons why people flock to this site is because many of the performances are live. They no longer have to be a passive viewer and simply watch performers. Now they can be an active viewer and participate in chat and also perform with the other person.Watch Sexy Girls Playing Dirty Games Live! Join the Biggest Adult Live Cam Community & Enjoy Your Horny Soul! Enter The Room & Claim A Free Tokens

That said, make no mistake, Chaturbate is far from a dating site. Instead, it is a hub where visitors of all walks of life can communicate about or watch sexual acts. Fans can request certain things from a performer, be it a striptease, some dirty talk, or use of an adult toy. This all goes through the discretion of the model themselves, and not Chaturbate.


Chaturbate Models

Models use Chaturbate to be hounded by legions of fans who are drawn to or interested in them, in addition to earning a living. Users may use tokens to reward the talent they’re watching, and they have complete control over how much and when they contribute. There is not a capped limit to the amount of tokens a model can receive, which is often why the most popular performers on the site are live several hours a week. These tokens are bought by members, and converted into cash in the real world by the models. Performers can also accrue tokens by being ranked. In other words, the more popular they become, the more points they can achieve to win various site contests.

Using tokens or credits is a popular way to keep money on the website and pay performers for what they are doing. In fact, many adult cam and chat sites use this money model so if you create an account and put some money on it, it will always be there so you can use it whenever you like. This method of money management also keeps users’ money safe because it does not require them to add their credit card information every time they wish to purchase a session or tip a performer.There are several variables that make Chaturbate the success with their audience that it is, but one is that if you are aiming to live broadcast your webcam, there is no experience required.

In fact, just because pornstars can be found in the community, does not mean there aren’t thousands of amateurs making a solid income doing what they love as well. The combination of actual pornstars and amateur people trying out their adult acting skills creates a unique and talent filled website that many other adult sites just don’t have. And it may be one of the reasons why this site is so popular. People are able to see a variety of not only niches and fetishes but acting skills and comfortableness with the camera. 


If you’re a newcomer to Chaturbate, it’ll take you about 3 seconds to figure out if it’s right for you. If you’ve arrived at the site, chances are you already know what’s in store for you. Since some users are hesitant to use tokens at first, you have the option to browse for free. This gives you more than enough opportunity to get your feet wet and learn about how things work.

You can even go around the site and see what other people are doing to themselves and what they’re performing for others. You can keep searching throughout the entire site so you can get a sense of what it has to offer you and your late-night sessions.

For example, if you’re unsure if there are enough models that fit your tastes, you can browse at your leisure and decide later whether or not to invest in a paid membership. If you find models or performers you want, you can save them to your favorites and return to them easily later when you need them if you have a subscription or account.

What Are Tokens And Why Are They Important?

Chaturbate Tokens

Obviously tokens are of tremendous value to performers, as this is how their time and effort is converted into a paycheck. If Chaturbate were described as being an adult webcam site, its core would undoubtedly have to refer to how tokens make the operation a success. Tokens are earned by models by users acquiring them either for free (usually through promotions) or ‘paying’ for their services. They are currency in a digital form, that are bought securely by members.

The motivation behind a visitor acquiring tokens is that it provides them the most access the site has to offer. This comes in the form of locked picture galleries and videos that free users can never access. However the biggest reason members purchase tokens is so they can engage in private chat with their favorite model or couple to give them an intimate setting to communicate.WOW She’s Doing It Live! She’s a BAD GIRL! Join the Biggest Adult Live Cam Community & Fulfil Your Horny Fantasies! Watch The Live Show

Since every model has to log offline eventually, their profile stands in their place to notify fresh visitors of their wants and desires, and their specialties in regards to what they can perform. Profiles serve two purposes: for one, they are the home base to have private and group chats, and they also are an area where potential customers can find out more about who they are, and if the mood strikes, buy some of their locked material. Pics and pre-recorded shows and videos that can be opened with the use of a token exchange are particularly advantageous to models, because it allows them to earn money even when they are not performing.Most of the top performers on Chaturbate have very full profiles, extensively laying out their likes, dislikes, turn ons, turn offs, and body decorations, instead of just listing their name and age.

You can even go back to view all of their previous appearances. If some of the content they’ve made is on sale, you can buy it. So, if you like one performer on your first visit to the platform, you can go back and see all of their amazing work.

Most of the top performers on Chaturbate have very full profiles, extensively laying out their likes, dislikes, turn ons, turn offs, and body decorations, instead of just listing their name and age. This is also a great feature that many other websites need to capitalize on. Many users don’t like performers to be just faces in a crowd. They want to get to know them more.

Searching For Models
Chaturbate search

Chat rooms can be sifted through by visitors through tabs that have Female, Male, Couples, and Trans. This makes the process seamless, and it is almost impossible to get lost on Chaturbate, regardless of how the interface appears on whichever medium you are using to access it, be it phone, tablet or PC. There are additional methods available to narrow down your search as well. You can either go to advanced options, or click on highlighted hashtags that feature commonly requested fetishes and categories.


The wellbeing of its performers and viewers is perhaps the most pressing issue when it comes to adult cam sites. This is becoming increasingly difficult to guarantee in such a free and open forum of sexuality, but Chaturbate does all they can to restrict problems in any way. Visitors must confirm their age to view legal material before being allowed to access the web. Although this is undeniably true,

More importantly, unless they are legitimately subpoenaed by law enforcement, Chaturbate never shares the details of its users. Furthermore, credit card and currency purchases are processed in a safe manner, deterring even the most determined con artists.

Adult LIVE Cams Review

ImLive Cams Review – Is It Really The Best Value For Money?

ImLive Review

ImLive is one of the most well-known and well-established live sex cam sites on the internet. One of the reasons they’ve lasted so long is that they have a wide range of features and excellent customer support. Furthermore, this platform genuinely caters to a diverse range of customers, and most of the performers have access to high-quality cameras. The WORLD’S HOTTEST Sex Cam Site Is Ready For YOU! Visit

The HD camera quality is very good. Although there are numerous free video chat options, some models prefer to keep their conversations private. It has excellent navigation and is easy to use. Simply put, it’s a cost-effective option for cam fans. Is it, however, worth your money? ImLive, believe it or not, is one of the most cost-effective websites. More information about ImLive can be found in this review.

Navigation and Style

ImLive has recently been through a redesign process. Because of their new layout, they cater more to different types of people and their website is far more easily navigable. What are the most frustrating things about adult websites is their poor layout and lackluster features. But you will not struggle with these things if you visit this site. Once you go on the website, you will see available performers in a list. You can also switch to a tile design, which is quite classic for most live cam sites. The gallery view is just as attractive, only you get a bit more information regarding performers. You’ll be able to customize this website to your liking and make it easy for you, the user, to navigate the site.


Now here is one of the most impressive features that the site has. It is true that most sites have a pop-up window that  allows the user to see a cam in action while they browse websites. And other sites have a voyeur mode which allows the user to secretly spy on the cammer without their knowledge and without having to interact with them. But we have not seen a feature like this before. This news feature is called the multi-view feature. The multiview feature lets you peek into six rooms at the same time. Some of them are free, while others are private. You can even look into private rooms, yet it will cost you – good choice for those into voyeurism.

As a result, if you want to view free windows, you will be able to see six different performers at the same time for no additional charge. This function appears to be very indulgent, and watching such a diverse group of people perform for you at the same time is sure to spoil any visitor to the site. Sexy Girls Playing Dirty Games in Real Time! Join this Wild Live Cam Group and Have Fun! Enter The Show & Claim A Free Tokens

Hot spot displays introduce you to the hottest performers based on the number of watchers, while outdoor cams takes this venture a bit further and feature performers taking this experience outside.

Features and Extras

The happy hour cameras will make your day. Basically, prices are drastically reduced. There are more people joining in and you have to wait in a line. Everyone has the chance to tell the model what to do. Obviously, the time is limited. But if you plan your session well, then you can take advantage of the happy hour and spend a relaxing evening with yourself and your favorite cammer. And as an added bonus, you can also pop open your favorite alcoholic beverage and really get your happy hour started.

The sheriff’s office is not to be overlooked either. On most live sex cam sites, performers can block you if you are rude or you leave a negative review. Here, things are different. You can go to this office and report someone who failed to deliver what was agreed on. In other words, you have a sense of good customer service.

This is also another feature that we are quite surprised to see. Usually, when a user has a complaint about a camera not fulfilling their requests, it either falls on deaf ears or it is put through the site’s slow customer service. But the sheriff’s office ensures that users are satisfied with their purchases and cameras do not try to swindle anyone who pays for them to do something. This is also another reason why this site has been in operation for so long. Users trust this site and they know that they can get their money’s worth.

Models and Galleries

imlive models

According to every ImLive review out there, the website is mostly focused on babes. However, you can choose the category from a drop down menu. You will also find men, couples (both straight and gay), transsexuals and so on.

There are around 75,000 videos for members – both short promos and recorded shows). Recorded shows will cost you credits though. As for galleries, there are more than 1,000,000 of them. Some of them are professional shots, while others are just grabbed from live cam shows.

As a member, you can also record a private session that you pay for. But then, even if the performer can provide a professional HD quality, the recording will not be as good.

Registration and Packages

The number of free shows is capped. The models will be hanging around, and you will be able to get some action as well. However, you will be asked to login or register after that. It only takes a few seconds to register – just enter your email address, username, and password. It just takes a few seconds.

Packages are simple and work pretty easily – one credit costs $1. There are no fancy conversion rates to confuse you, so you know exactly what you pay. You can buy credits in more packages – 10 to 100. However, there are no monthly subscriptions or packages. Also, even if you buy more credits, there are no discounts. Credit and token systems are very common on these types of sites, so if you have never seen one before, do not let it put you off from using the site. At least this site has an even exchange ratio of one credit to $1.

Cameras and Quality

Most cameras on ImLive are HD. Models know what it takes to bring customers over. While you will also run into some SD cameras, the quality will be surprisingly good – quite clear.

It is worth noting that each private chat session comes with the first 20 seconds for free. You can use this feature to get a hint about the camera quality. It is not plenty of time, but it is plenty to give you a clue about what to expect.

Who ImLive Is for

ImLive is definitely for everyone. It is one of those websites with something for everyone. Most of the guests are men, so the girl’s category is obviously the most diversified one. There is gay action as well – both men and women, as well as straight men. Kinky stuff, bondage and others have their own categories too. And if you find someone or a few different performers that you like, you are free to save them through your account so you can quickly and easily reference them. With this feature, you never have to wonder if there is anything that caters to you. You can simply go back and pull up a cammer that you like.

Simply put, no matter what you are into, there is a decent chance you will find it there. Given the prices, you are likely to spend less than on other websites – up to 50% less. It is suitable to those with a limited budget too.

What I Like about ImLive?

ImLive has a diverse variety of classes, all of which have at least a few versions. If you’re not sure what you want, this is a great choice. A few freebies, such as 20 seconds off any private show, will round out your experience. It isn’t much, but it is plenty.

This is a good bonus if you want to see a cammer’s personality. 20 seconds can be enough time to see if you like what they are offering or not. HD cams? Check! HD cams easily outweigh SD cams, which are quite impressive anyway.

What I Don’t Like about ImLive?

Though chatting is generally free and open, there are a few models that do not. In other words, some models are only available for private shows, but you can always sneak a peek inside for 20 seconds. However, before paying, you can familiarize yourself with them.


This ImLive analysis should provide you with all of the information you need. ImLive is deserving of your love. It has a large number of models to choose from as well as a variety of interesting features. It’s also compatible with mobile devices, so you can have a sexy chat whenever and wherever you want.

Overall Rating


It is one of the oldest and biggest cam sites. The cam quality is HD and most of the streams look awesome. Not all of the performers offer free video chat, but the navigation is good and along with the size of the site, it’s definitely a competitive option. Plus, it works on iPhone and Android phones. And it’s free to check out, so why wouldn’t you do so?

  • Quality        
  • Content        
  • Price        
  • Navigation        


  • Good selection of categories and performers in each category
  • High quality customer service
  • Happy hour function for low prices
  • Great value for money
  • Lots of videos and galleries


  • Not every model allows free chats
  • No discounts for higher purchases
Adult LIVE Cams Review

Royal Cams

Royal Cams

Royal Cams Paysite Review

Paysite Review 
Royal Cams is paysite giving you access to excellent live sex cam models. On this royal platform you will meet sufficient base of sexy girls and models. In their directory you can find over 110000 models. You can meet them online, watch them doing naughty things and also chat with them. The model choice is not limited to only girls. You can also chat with couples, men or transsexuals based on your sexual orientation or simply on what you want most. At one moment is usually 700-900 sexy models online.

Royal Cams A King is Made

Basic functions of this live cam site are already available for free accounts. If you want access advanced functions like invisibility, model videos, switch off adverts and many others, you must activate your premium membership. But it is as simple as buying few tokens for $2. So, create your free account and start chat with your desired sex cam model right now at Royal Cams!

Royal Cams is a live sex site and new webcam models are coming here every day.

Extra Features 
– Basic membership is Free!
– You will receive 10 Tokens Bonus with Free Royal Cams Account!
– Upgrade to life-time premium membership via buying tokens! Starts at $2!
– You can also watch sex cams using your mobile device.
– Advanced search and sorting options to make your model selection easier.
– Payment transactions are secure and discreet.

Royal Cams VIP membership features
– Select your new special chat icon!
– Switch to invisible mode with VIP!
– You can raise your Queen to the Top with ranking option.
– Enjoy free access to your Queen’s videos.
– Choose also the color of the messages in chat.
– Access the user interface without any annoying advertisements.
– Receive $5 worth gift card every 10 days!

Free live sex cam samples from Royal Cams
So, create your free account to become a member and optionally upgrade to VIP!

Adult LIVE Cams Review

My Free Cams

My Free Cams review

Review Update

Dropping back in to do a My Free Cams reveiw update I find that the site has continued to be one of the go to sites for live cam porn. They still have a great variety of performers for you too choose from and you can get access to loads of free live streams without commiting any cash. If you want to get a private show going you will need to become a premium member and purchase some tokens. Creating a free account will mean you can chat and interact with the models and as it doesn’t cost a cent I would highly recommend you create an account. This remains one of highest recommended Cam sites.


Summary: My Free Cams may just be the only porn site that actually gives you something free. Here you can sit in on public chats and have a good chance of seeing other members tip the girl to strip and do other hot and naked things. The real fun starts when you get your own tokens to tip, make friends with the girls, or take them into private or group chats. The site is a little crazy to use but is actually rich with features, and they have thousands of girls online to hang with. A nice cam site and a great one especially for those new to live cam sites.Visit My Free CamsAuthor:
Jerry Fritz, 2017-12-30

Live-cams / chat, 18-23, Amateur, Asian, Babes, Boobs, Butts, Ebony, Fetish, Hardcore, Latina, Lesbian, Mature / milf, Shemale

interaction, live chatting, live sex, nude chat, webcam sex

What's changed at MyFreeCams?

Intro promises

There aren’t any outright promises here other than to show you what they have on offer:

Over 1,000 cam girls, couples, studs, and shemale honeys getting fully nude, waiting for you to join their free public chat or take them into an intimate and private chat session.

First impression

My Free Cams has changed very little over the years, so if this is your first ever visit don’t be thrown off by the rather amateur looking design. This is one of the web’s best cam sites, with a huge number of sexy models and couples. And they really do mean free: you can sit in on public chats and tip or let others tip models to see them flash, dance, masturbate, even have sex.

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Adult LIVE Cams Review


Review Update

Im Live is having it’s 18th Birthday. Join now and you will get $50 worth of Credits as a present.

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Summary: is a very efficient and fun way to chat and watch nude webcam girls. The database of girls is impressive with good filtering options and there is always a lot online at all times. The video feed is good technical quality and almost all the girls seemed friendly and responsive. On top of that, private chats are cheap compared to other live chat sites at around $2 per minute. Membership is free.Visit Im Live

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Intro promises

– Video Chat LIVE with experts or enjoy a live chat at the world’s largest webcam arena!
– $50 worth of free credits with your first purchase.
– Live sex chat with cam girls. Join everyone’s favorite webcam arena!

First impression

I wasn’t overly impressed with the first page. It reminded me of Craigslist. However after a few clicks, I as a guest, had the option of seeing which models were currently online and I could view their profiles with bio etc.

Adult LIVE Cams Review


Review Update

Chaturbate remains one of the big players in the Live Cams niche. Since posting our last review things have not changed to much, which for this site is really good news for you. Beacause you can now purchase credits using Bitcoin, which is a great move for this site and makes things easier. You will find a huge variety of models online at any given time and with men, women, couples and even Tranny’s performing here it caters to all tastes. With free access it’s easy to recommend Chaturbate as a top winner, so get over there now and take a look for yourself.

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Summary: Here you have genuinely free amateur sex cams to watch. Girls host their own live shows, run their own chats, and are willing to get naked and do some pretty wild things on camera here, and you don’t have to pay a dime. The site relies on big crowds and tipping, which together makes the models lots of money while allowing some free-riders to watch and pay nothing nice! You’ll have the most fun here after signing up and buying some credits though, which allow you to go private, do group chats, or just tip in public chats and get the girls naked and in your debt! Visit Chaturbate

Intro promises

– 100% Free cam chat
– Private chats
– Custom emoticons
– Full screen, multi-cams, and private messaging for supporters (not free)
– Credits can be purchased using Crypto

First impression

Chaturbate isn’t revolutionary in its idea of combining live cam streams and masturbation, but it does go about it in a novel way: it makes it free. And I do mean free, as in costs you nothing at all. There are pay for features as well, and having some credits to spend on tips to your favorite performers or for private shows is going to add to your experience, but that doesn’t stop this from being a free live cam site! There is a reason Chaturbate is one of our top reviews in the live cam niche. Find out more here