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What Is BimBim?


Live Jasmin and Live Sex Asian are two of the most popular live cam services created by AW Empire (reviews). And now they’ve taken another step to ensure that their subscribers receive only the greatest stuff. Their newest site, BimBim, not only boasts one of the most attractive designs I’ve seen, but it also features some of the most attractive models, or content creators, as they call them.

They’ve been offering live cam sex for for two decades, and they’ve now taken it to a whole new level. This isn’t just another cam site; it’s something new and exciting that allows you to engage with the girls in a variety of ways.

It’s more like a social media platform, where you can interact with the girls by watching their stories, make live video calls, send gifts, etc. So this makes it one of the best sex cam on mobile experience.

Right now you get 10,000 FREE Coins when you signup, so you have no reason no to try this awesome new platform.

If you are eager to see what they have created with this site I recommend to head straight over to BimBim and check out for yourself.


When you arrive at the Bim Bim home page, you will notice a few things. The first is most likely the girls you see; they are all lovely. I’m not sure about BimBim’s hiring process, but these aren’t your typical camgirls.

The next thing is the design. You can notice that they have really put in the time here to create a new fresh look and not just a copy of any other cam sites.

They appear to be more concerned with quality than with exhibiting hundreds of models online. The females are featured in the storyline at the top of the page and have a prominent profile photo. To watch her tale or video call, simply click on any profile photo (first you need to signup for the free account).

Review of the social media platform style sex cam site - BimBim

When creating BimBim they have taken into account that a large number of members today want to interact by using their smartphones. So the platform works great on both your desktop as well as your smartphone.

So What Is BimBim

This is not your traditional cam site. BimBim is more of a social platform where you can interact and watch content created by the site’s models (creators). It’s the best option for sex cam on mobile, with a design and functions that make it feel like you are on Instagram.

I really love this site and I signup and took advantage of the free 10,000 coins offer for new members. But, I can tell I have already top-up my account with more credits.

Below I will show you how it works:

Bim Bim Review by

For this BimBim review, I clicked on the model Lauren Colins and that took me to her storyline. Which you can unlock for free once you have become a member.

Lauren Colins at BimBim: Cam Review by

Now you can watch her stories just like you would watch a story on Instagram or Facebook. But the main difference I noticed here is that the stories are often much naughtier on BimBim.

Watch Sex Cam on Mobile at Bim Bim - Review by

From here you have a few options. You can send her a message for free, send a reaction emoji, send a gift, make a voice or a video call (pay per minute). Clicking on the voice or video call symbol will show you the minute rate before making the call. Then click on call me to start your sex cam on mobile experience.

As you see this is not just a regular cam site. And the feeling is different here, it feels more personal and it gives a feeling of a more real connection with the content creators. The 10,000 free BimBim coins will give you about 10 min free interaction with a girl, so what are you waiting for!


The 10,000 free coins are great but they will only last you about 10 min with a girl, so here are your options for buying more coins:

  • 1700 coins – $9.99
  • 3700 coins – $19.99 (+300 bonus coins)
  • 12,700 coins – $59.99 (+2500 bonus coins)
  • 22,700 coins – $99.99 (+5700 bonus coins)
  • 47,000 coins – $199.99 (+13,000 bonus coins)
  • 107,000 coins – $399.99 (+39,000 bonus coins)
  • 227,000 coins – $799.99 (91,000 bonus coins)

Coins can be bought by using credit cards, PayPal. Skrill, Bitcoin, or Bank Wire.


I’ve examined hundreds of cam sites, and it’s rare that something new and exciting appears on the sex cam scene. The majority of cam sites are essentially the same, with no innovation. As a result, I admire BimBim for trying something different.

In today’s world, where everyone is used to interacting via social media platforms, I believe BimBim is being released at the correct time. It combines a mobile sex cam with a social networking platform, with the added benefit of being able to make a video call and experience live video call sex.

I really recommend you to take advantage of the 10,000 FREE coins and try a live video call at BimBim.